Wine Clarity
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Wine Clarity

When you open a bottle of wine, the wine color should be brilliantly clear. So when there is even a little bit of haziness in the barrel samples, then it should be a little concern. Because before bottling can occur, it should be cleaned and clear. When there is cloudiness in a bottled wine it is considered to be unacceptable standards. Although, cloudiness seldom affects the wine aroma or taste character, it should be of concern.

Most of the time cloudiness is understood and controllable but haziness in a bottled wine that is marketed commercially is uncommon. But there is exception to this case, which includes wine that is really dated or well-aged.

If you are looking to get better clarity from a bottled wine, careful pouring or decanting prior to pouring can help separate the wine from sediment which may have formed in the bottle over time.

Understanding these concept can help you define wine clarity when doing wine tasting.

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